May Memorial Marathon


Every year we are more amazed at the lack of understanding of the meaning and importance of Memorial Day. It is perhaps one of the main reasons that the Honor and Remember Flag exists. Families who have given their loved ones in the service of our country do not need a set aside day to be reminded, every day is Memorial Day for them. What Memorial Day has become is a reminder of how many of those around them don’t take the time to care. The Families don’t need to be reminded of the sacrifice, we do.

Several years ago Honor and Remember dedicated the month of May to be named Honor and Remember month. It was done so that every day during this fifth month of the year all of us could focus on our home town military fallen heroes, one day at a time. It was the hope that this message would be embraced and broadcast day by day until by the end of the month we would have names and faces to associate with the importance of Memorial Day itself. There are entire movements in this country to bring back the true meaning of Memorial Day.

In order to continue this tradition of remembrance, at the start of each May, we organize the Virginia Run for the Fallen now followed by the Indiana, New York and Arizona runs. These runs are all contained to states and do not allow for national participation until now.

Memorial Run Book Your Time Slot Here

Starting May of 2017 and continuing every year after we begin a new tradition. A 24/7 Memorial Marathon. At least one committed runner, sneakers on the ground every minute of every day for 31 days.

For every minute of every day during the month someone will be remembering a fallen hero individually by name. Our goal is to fill every available time slot for the entire: 31 days, 744 hours, 44,640 minutes, 2,678,400 seconds.

FAQ Book Your Time Slot Here

How does it work? – sign up to walk/run for 30 minutes on any particular day at any particular time.
Your name will be posted on our calendar wall as a committed runner for that time slot. We ask that you decide on heroes from your area and we will post that info as well. What we are creating is a contiguous relay chain of remembrance.

Can I run more than one slot? – Absolutely, however we would like to involve as many individuals as possible. That means having a different persons name every half an hour for 1488 half hours.
If you would like to run from 3-3:00 am everyday all month sign up that way.

What if a time slot is already taken? – Just because a time slot is filled does not mean you cant add your name and run in that spot. We are hoping for thousands of runners with many overlaps. We do however need to fill every open segment. The more runners the more Heroes are remembered.

Is there a cost to participate? – Absolutely not, you may sign up knowing you are committing to running a particular day and time and on the honor system we know it is being done.

Is there Bling? – If you are familiar with Honor and Remember, our parent non-profit organization, you understand that our mission is national and all encompassing. The financial needs are many and any help in offsetting is appreciated. With that being said if you would like a Tshirt or a Medal that acknowledges your participation in the Memorial Marathon other then the Web Wall we have them.

We need your commitment! Pick an open time slot, grab a friend, organize a group and lets raise the bar. Dedicate yourself to the perpetual tribute of those that gave so much.

We hope you will join us in saying  “I  am honored to remember our military fallen heroes and their families. I participated in the Honor and Remember May Memorial Marathon”