Become a State Captain

State Captains

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Our route takes us through nineteen states (see route maps) and we need your help. We need organized, dedicated and committed individuals with a passion for honoring our military fallen heroes. As a volunteer, State Captains will take responsibility for all of the run elements needed for their state. Some of the needed areas are outlined below.

  1. Organize and lead a state run committee.
  2. Verify route with state police and coordinate with all local law enforcement jurisdictions.
  3. Secure all necessary state and local permits.
  4. Gather additional runners.
  5. Secure sponsors.
  6. Communicate with local and state media.
  7. Secure supplies needed for the state – stakes, printing, lamination etc
  8. Organize end of day ceremonies.


For each day depending on number of days in state

  1. Place hero markers
  2. Contact Gold Star families.
  3. Secure overnight accommodations.
  4. Secure daily meals.
  5. Secure medical unit for each day.


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