July 23 – 31, North Carolina

America’s Run for the Fallen North Carolina Route – 9 Days

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Day 108, July 23rd
6PM Holiday Inn Express
3400 Southport Supply Rd
Bolivia, NC
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Day 109, July 24th
6PM Holiday Inn Express Banquet
1020 Grandiflora Dr.
Leland, NC
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Day 110, July 25th
6:30PM American Legion Post 230
1654 Veterans Dr.
Spring Lake, NC
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Day 111, July 26th
6PM VFE Post
364 Bruce Costin Rd.
Warsaw, NC
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Day 112, July 27th
6PM America Legion Post
146 Broadurst Rd.
Jacksonville, NC
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Change the route in Jacksonville, NC to come in on 258/Richlands Hwy and stay left on Richlands Highway to South Marine Blvd continuing onto North Marine Blvd, right onto Western Blvd, right onto Country Club Rd, continuing onto Hargett St, and crossing Lejeune Blvd onto Montford Landing Rd, ending at the Lejeune Memorial Gardens.

Day 113, July 28th
6PM America Legion
Corner of 10th and Brown St.
Washington, NC
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Day 114, July 29th

Day of Rest

Day 115, July 30th
6PM American Legion Post 40
1317 W Queen St.
Edenton, NC
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Day 116, July 31st
6PM Chesapeake City Hall
Chesapeake, VA
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