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Run for the Fallen will be one of the most physically demanding events you will probably ever participate in. However it may be the most rewarding and emotionally fulfilling commitment you will ever make. The format is unlike any other, the stopping at each mile then resting, then starting is punishing. The emotional strain of reading the fallen hero names out loud mile after mile will add to the fatigue but the adrenaline in meeting Hero’s families will be exhilarating.

You will be on a mission, like no other. The opportunity to join with us in calling out every name of ever service member who has ever given their life in the War on Terror. And meeting and honoring many of those families individually who raised them.

We are looking for marathon trained runners who can maintain a 8-9 minute mile pace consistently for long stretches of day, on flat and hilly terrain. Runners will be grouped in 4 groups of 4 minimum. Sixteen to 20 runners will comprise a total core team at any one time.  Each team will be asked to complete paced 2 mile legs, switch and next team continues 2 miles, switch teams continue and so on. Rotating out throughout the approximate 50 miles per day. Each team running 2 mile increments per each hour over a ten hour day will be responsible for a minimum of 12 miles per day during their commitment.

We ask each runner to commit to the entire length of the state run 3-4 days.  We will however accept any time commitment within your schedule. To offset run expenses we ask runners to be responsible for minimal fundraising which will amount to $40 per day of commitment.  A crowdrise site has been set up to help accomplish our goals. Please set up your individual page here.

(Depending on area, local runners may be able to make one day commitments.)

Runners will be responsible for arranging transportation to and from the locations of their legs. Runners may commit to multiple legs along the entire route based on their availability and physical ability. We will not permit any individual to overtax their system and reserve the right to refuse or send home any one showing physical distress.

Fill out the Volunteer form at this link.