Be at a Mile Marker

If you are planning to be at your loved one's marker here are a few things to know or do:
1. Meet up with us the day before at the end of day ceremony. (ceremony locations will be posted by day on the state route pages, under full route with links)
2. Determine potential mile location by selecting the Map My Run link by each date.
3. Markers may not be pre-placed and location may be determined each day by the progress we are making.
4. Click on GPS link to find our approximate current location,
5. Call us the day before or morning of to let us coordinate with you. 480-495-4668 or 757-576-5403
6. We are following a specific route based upon the map route however timing may vary throughout the day.
7. Follow our prescribed route and find our caravan, we can guide you once we connect with you.

Fill out the Volunteer form at this link.

Q: Can a family member, friend, or comrade run with the core team for their mile?
A: Yes, but most importantly, they must be capable of keeping pace with our team members. In practice that means that you should be capable of running that mile in 8 1/2 minutes. Please remember that whoever is running that mile must make their own way to the preceding HM in time to join in with our team. So – if your HM is for example 116 then you should be at 115 to join our Team to run your mile. The planned arrival dates/times at each Hero Marker will be available here well in advance of the Run, as will maps for each location.

Q: How do I meet the runners at my loved one’s marker?
A: First, search for your loved one’s mile along the 2018 route. A map should pop up indicating the general location of each marker. Second, let us know that you’ll be there and we will do our best to identify the exact location. Be sure to select “Stand At a Hero Marker” on the volunteer form.

Q: Can I stand and wait for the Run Team to arrive at my Hero’s Marker?
A: We encourage family members and friends to be at their loved one’s marker if at all possible. Please bring photos, posters, banners, Honor and Remember Flags or whatever personal tribute you would like to visually make. We realize that there may be some great distance for some to travel.

Caution: each Hero Marker is placed approximately one mile apart. Some placements may not be along road conditions that are conducive to safely standing on the side of the highway. Please use wise judgement when waiting for the runners to arrive, safety for all is our number one concern. You may want to consider standing at another marker in a safer location.

Q: When Should I arrive at my Hero’s Marker?
A: Each mile is pre-placed and specifically timed. The team is running a pace of between 9-12 minutes between each.  Depending on road conditions whether rain or shine, they could be on time or behind.  We will place an approximate timetable on each map and suggest you arrive 30-60 minutes ahead of schedule. During the day of you will be able to see a gps tracking of our progress to time your arrival more accurately.

Q: I cant make it to our marker but would still like to participate.
A: Due to time and distance restraints you may not be available to directly participate at your specific marker. However, we would encourage you to send friends or relatives to yours and you could stand for another family in a location that may be closer in proximity to your home state.