This is Run for the Fallen, in tribute to all of our modern day military fallen and their families. These heroes have given of themselves for every citizen in our country. We need to come together as a nationwide family and give them all tribute.

The needs and opportunities are many, and your skills and talents are important can be crucial to the success of this overwhelming mission.

Please consider organizing a state run by become a state captain, local volunteer or core runner. Listed are the important areas of need.

1. Verify route with state police and coordinate with all local law enforcement jurisdictions securing escorts
2. Secure all necessary state and local permits as well as military base permissions.
3. Secure Medical EMT for each run day.
4. Gather core or additional runners
5. Contacting Gold Star families.
5. Secure funding sponsors
6. Communicate with local and state media.
7. Secure supplies needed for the state – stakes, printing, lamination etc

Broken down each day requires specific responsibilities, we need:
1. Placement of hero markers
2. Secured overnight accommodations.
3. Secured daily meals.
4. Organized Personalized Flag presentations.
5. Organized end of day ceremony.

Most importantly once the run begins we need your presence at one or more Hero Markers near you. Check out the State Route links for the dates and locations. One of the most important ways to honor our fallen military is to be at the Hero Marker when the run team arrives. There will be a Hero Marker placed at every mile along each listed route. These runners need to be appreciated and encouraged as they are investing days in honor of our Fallen and their families. By visibly showing support it energizes the runners and inspires them to continue knowing that there are others who appreciate the effort, not for themselves but for those who they run for.

Gold Star Families are encouraged to stand by their Hero's Marker, Bring your Honor and Remember personalized Flags, banners, photos, posters, friends, family and co-workers. The runners will stop at your mile and honor you and your loved one. Look at precious run photos to get an idea. When you search under your hero's name, the approximate location, day and time the runners will arrive will be shown on a map.

Veterans and Patriots we need you! Come out on your own or with your local organization. Community clubs such as Elks, Ruritans, Rotary, Lions , Eagles etc, we need everyone to be a part of making this tribute journey amazing.

Schools, churches, businesses, corporations, patriotic Americans all, come out in your community and support this effort.

What we need - if you have any interest or contacts, please fill out our Contact Form.

To volunteer click here.