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AMERICA'S RUN FOR THE FALLEN ... April 7 -  August 5, 2018

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In one of the most comprehensive tributes ever organized we run for every service member who died as recorded by the Department of Defense from October 12, 2000. Each mile will represent a unique chronological date of death. Most miles will include multiple names. Every hero has been attached to a specific mile and day. Currently 19,000 names have been identified subsequently correlating to 5000 unique days of death. The names being honored include every service member who died during the War on Terror while on active duty or as a result of active duty, including all branches of service and all causes of death. See “search for a hero” link to find a service member’s name or to add them.

One Mission: Blazing a comprehensive tribute trail across America that would recognize each service member who served and died as a result of the War on Terror.

One Team: An organized core team of runners, support crew and national volunteer base that will sustain a 4 month, 6000 mile journey to complete the mission..

One Tribute: Remembering individually by name, every service member that died as a result of serving during the War on Terror.

This is how the nationwide run will work –

Each day’s run will encompass approximately 50 miles. There will be a pre-staked Hero Marker to identify our stops for every mile each day. The marker will have a specific date and time that the runners will arrive. The timing is very specific and will be listed by mile number at specific intervals. Between 10 to 15 minutes between each mile. A small core team of four minimum marathon trained athletes (16 per day),  running approx. 8-9 minute miles, will arrive at the designated time (or as close as possible). When runners arrive at the hero marker they will be carrying three 3×5 flags as well as the hero’s bio. American Stars and Stripes, the flag of the State we are in and the Honor and Remember Flag. The runners will stop at the marker and will come to attention, read the rank, name, branch of service and date of death of each hero. They will place the Bio just read, alongside the Hero Marker, step back, come to attention and salute. Runners will take turns carrying and placing the bios. After salute the runners will pay respects to waiting immediate family members if present with a hug. Retrieve flags from those holding, if present) and then begin next mile. This will be accomplished in 90 seconds or less. There will be no hesitation, other families are waiting ahead. Each mile is tentatively planned for 10-15 minutes apart.  Families can fellowship before and after runners arrive at that mile with advance team and each other.

America's Run will bring tribute to every service member who died since the USS Cole. Starting April 7, 2018 at Fort Irwin, CA, the run will cross nineteen states and over 6000 miles. The plan is to run one mile intervals stopping at pre-placed hero markers and reading the names of specific fallen at each marker. Mile after mile across the nation stopping each night for planned ceremonies, we will be reaching the gates of Arlington National Cemetery, depending on the number of future casualties, sometime within 120 days of the start. See above links for more details, or help us out.

Sample State Structure:

The format will be as follows...
Day 1 – April 7, Saturday Fort Irwin, CA, Thu - HM1, 1-50 - 50 miles - Fort Irwin, California to Barstow. 7 am start, 6:30 pm evening ceremony & dinner.
Day 2 – April 8, Sunday - HM1, 51-100 - 50 miles - Barstow to Valley. 7 am start and 6:30 evening ceremony & dinner.
Day 3 – April 9, Monday - HM1, 100-150 - 50 miles - Valley to Benning, 7 am start and 6:30 evening dinner. Day 4 - 12 - Continue Itinerary for each State.


Each mile of the Run is dedicated to one or more U.S. service members and the Core Run Team will stop at every Hero Marker (every mile), speak that hero's name out loud and present an American Flag and a personal biographical card to the waiting family members, friends and comrades. The intent is to create a 6,000 mile long tribute trail to Arlington National Cemetery.

Families and Friends of the Fallen will be encouraged to attend the hero marker of their loved one at the designated day and time or, if that is not possible, to attend another hero’s marker closer to them and allow someone else to be at theirs.

Caution: each Hero Marker is placed approximately one mile apart. Some placements may not be along road conditions that are conducive to safely standing on the side of the highway. Please use wise judgement when waiting for the runners to arrive, safety for all is our number one concern. You may want to consider standing at another marker in a safer location.

8705739_origHERO MARKERS...

Several days prior to the actual day's event each of these Hero locations will be marked by painting that particular mile number at the designated spot on the road shoulder and we will also place a laminated Marker card containing the HM number, date and time we will arrive.

Synopsis of ceremony at each mile:

  1. Runners approach Hero Marker
  2. Designated Runner carrying bio will call everyone to attention.
  3. Runner asks if there are any Gold Star Families present.
  4. Designated Runner reads Bio – Rank, Name, date of Death and Branch of service.
    All names will be read for that mile using same procedure.
  5. With all still at attention, Bios are placed in the ground.
  6. Designated runner calls for hand salute, then at ease.. (pay respects to those waiting)
  7. New team positioned and ready to run.
  8. New bio is handed to next designated runner for the next mile.

RUNNERS REGISTRATION form at this link.