May Memorial Marathon

A month long 24/7 tribute to our nation's fallen heroes....

Calendar View 2021

The calendar below displays the 30 min slots available to sign up. Calendar is set up on Eastern time. If the slot is green then there is at least one runner/walker at that time. Up to 10 participants can take any one time period. If you normally run every day, take this month and commit to multiple times. Don't just take one! It is our goal to have every slot indicated green for every minute the entire month. Potentially there are 480 available slots each day and 14,880 for the month. Lets complete the calendar, running together and continuously for our nations fallen. Say their names out-loud and don't forget to post a photo or video of your participation! More information Here.

IMPORTANT NOTE ***** We have recently set up the calendar with a WordPress registration. We hope this will make multiple day/time signups easier for all. Also allowing you to clear or change your entry. Once registered please change the initial password. Let us know if there are any issues Thank you!